Measured against the yardstick of their own high standards, Leeds enjoyed a slightly less successful season. Yet success is a relative term: for the majority of clubs, and for Leeds too, in their barren years, the League Leaders’ Trophy, the Yorkshire Championship Cup and the European Club Championship Trophy, together..Read More



The 1968-1969 Championship winners

A glass of Chateau Latour 707 or, perhaps, Chateau Beauregard 717, no, give me every time, the exquisite ‘Headingley 69′, a vintage which embodies the rich flavour of yet another wonderful season, and captures the sparkle of the League Championship Cup, the League Leaders’ Trophy, the Yorkshire Championship Cup, and..Read More



The 1967-1968 team at Wembley

The barren years were truly over! The seeds of teamwork and fitness, honest endeavour and flair, had borne fruit yet again, as Mick Clark and all his squad garnered a Headingley harvest rich beyond compare: the Rugby League Challenge Cup, the League Leaders’ Trophy and the Yorkshire Championship Cup. With..Read More



1966-1967 Team

League Leaders and Yorkshire League Championship! This was the dawn of an era of unprecedented success in ‘The Headingley Story’, surpassing even the glories, of the ‘Golden Thirties’. It was a season of change and innovation, too, with Headingley’s floodlights switched on for the first time for the County match..Read More



1965-1966 Team

An end-of-term report, in respect of 1965-66, could justifiably have read: “Making very good progress. Given reasonable luck and consistent effort, Leeds now have the potential to attain the highest honours in the immediate future.” There were two close-season acquisitions on parade in the Lazenby Cup match: Ken Rollin, the..Read More



1964 Team

It was back to a one-divisional competition, with two innovations: a championship play-off involving the top sixteen clubs, and the introduction of substitutes for injured players. Bare as the Headingley sideboard was at the end of the season, ‘Operation Recovery’ basically went according to plan, with the younger players gaining..Read More




Leeds had not experienced a season like this in peace time since 1907. Hard as they tried, and do what they would, it seemed all too often that management and players alike were in the clutch of cruel circumstance and doomed to misfortune. Knocked out in the 2nd Round of..Read More



This was the season of the big freeze! Not a single game was played at Headingley between December 1st and April 3rd, a period of seventeen weeks, and Leeds finished their First Division programme with 18 games in 55 days. Never again! The Leeds Board are resolved that Headingley should have..Read More



The scalpel was poised! Seeking to arrest the cancer of ever-dwindling ‘gates’ the clubs had finally opted for exploratory surgery through the introduction of a two-divisional competition in 1962-63 on a three-year experimental basis. For many clubs therefore the current ‘pre-med’ season was shadowed by apprehension as they strove desperately..Read More



1960-1961 Team

Thou shalt not covet! Leeds must plead guilty to breaking the Tenth Commandment, five times R.L. Championship runners-up, for sixty years they had coveted that one piece of silverware which had always been denied them. Now, in 1961, there it was, proudly raised aloft by Lewis Jones, as ecstatic Leeds..Read More