With the international situation deteriorating rapidly there was little close season activity, and there were no new faces in the Leeds team which met Hunslet in the Lazenby Cup match at Headingley in mid-August. But the management were concerned over the persistent groin injury which had troubled Vic Hey for..Read More



This campaign saw the complete disintegration of the famous back division of the middle thirties, and it was not until the closing months of the season that the management were able to show the foundations of the team of the future. During the close season there was only one signing..Read More



1937-1938 Team

This was another remarkably successful year with the team performing most creditably in all four competitions. Once again the Yorkshire Challenge Cup and the Yorkshire League Cup came to Headingley, we gained honour as runners-up for the League Championship, and made a very gallant showing in the R.L. Cup. Close..Read More



1936-1937 Team

Although strenuous efforts were made by the management to maintain the playing strength at a high standard in the hope of attaining further honours, particularly the League Championship which had so far eluded the Club, we had to yield the R.L. Cup and the Yorkshire Cup, and to find consolation..Read More



1935-1936 Team

1936!! This is the year which is richest of all in memories, for those who were in any way associated with the Club at that time it conjures up visions of the glorious Wembley Cup Final triumph, and glorious is the correct description because much of our football in that..Read More



In view of the tremendous recruiting drive of the previous campaign close season activity was on a very reduced scale, so that the only important signing was that of Len Higson the prop forward. On Christmas Day Leeds were on top of the world. Consistently good performances had taken the..Read More



1933-1934 Team

The season opened on a sad note with the news that Joe Thompson had decided to retire from the game, at the age of 31. Thompson had been a such a tower of strength for so many years – he played his first game with Leeds at Headingley on February..Read More



Football, indeed all sport, is full of unexpected thrills and disappointments. Triumph and disaster, those “twin-impostors”, go hand in hand. If proof were needed, it surely and certainly lies in the tremendous switch of fortunes which took place at Headingley between April 1932 and the same month in 1933. The..Read More



The season opened in splendid fashion, gradually merged into a period of mediocrity and uncertainty, and finished in a blaze of glory with the winning of the R. L. Challenge Cup. Although the previous campaign had been quite successful the management paid particular attention during the close season to possible..Read More



1930 Team

This was a memorable season. For the first time in the history of the Club two trophies were proudly brought to Headingley: the Yorkshire Challenge Cup and the Yorkshire Championship Cup. In addition, we gained second place in the Northern League Table, and finished as Runners-Up for the League Championship..Read More