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26th March 2022 | KO 15:00 | EIS Sheffield | Vitality Netball Superleague

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London Pulse Ticket Information

Leeds Rhinos Netball return to Sheffield EIS centre on Saturday 26th March to take on London Pulse, centre pass is at 7pm.

Tickets for the match are available now starting at £15 for adults and £10 for Juniors for unreserved seating.  There is also a group booking discount of 15% available for anyone who buys 10 or more tickets and this will automatically be added in the basket when buying online.

Tickets can be bought either online via tickets.rhinosnetball.co.uk or over the phone on 0371 423 1315 (Monday to Friday, 10:30am to 3:30pm excluding Bank Holidays).

Tickets will be sent via email as a PDF ticket attached to the confirmation. PDF tickets can be used either on a smartphone or printed on A4 paper, these will then be scanned at the venue entrance to allow access. Fans who do not have access to a smartphone or printer must email [email protected] to organise an alternative arrangement.


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Rhinos Netball 44 London Pulse 58

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Rhinos Netball 44 London Pulse 58

Leeds Rhinos Netball were back at home for their round 10 fixture which saw them face London Pulse. Annie James and Amelia Veevers were both included in the match day 12 to replace missing defensive players Vicki Oyesola and Rebekah Airey due to the ongoing pandemic.

Jade Clarke got the game underway with the first centre pass, the ball was quickly off the backline but tight defensive pressure saw Rhinos convert their first centre pass of the game 1-0. Pulse found Tchine under the post and added their first goal to the board. Brie Grierson timed her movement well and was able to find Rhinos shooting duo Rushton and Burger 2-1. Fadoju for pulse tipped the ball twice but Grierson picked up the ball on both occasions on the circle edge, allowing Rhinos shooting duo to continue adding to the scoreboard 4-3.

Rhinos were called for a held ball and Pulse transitioned well however after tight defensive pressure from Clarke, Walker was able to pick up a loose ball 5-4. Rushton moved well and played the ball around to get herself in the perfect shooting position 6-5. Grierson passed a long ball into Burger but the ball eventually went off the sideline, Pulse transitioned down to their circle but Keenan tipped the ball to allow Walker to pick up another ball but Rhinos loose the ball again on their backline which saw Pulse add another goal 6-7. Pulse turned over ball and played patiently to allow them pull a four goal lead 7-11. Rhinos made further errors and Pulse continued to extend their lead 7-14. Clarke took an intercept on a Pulse centre pass and Grierson and Burger combined well 8-14. Tchine scored the last goal of the quarter and guests Pulse had a 7 goal lead 9-16.

Pulse started the second quarter with a centre pass but play was disrupted as Keenan tipped the ball into the hands of Magee, Burger took the ball under the post and got the first goal of the period 10-16. Rhinos had started this section of play strong and determined to reduce the deficit. Pulse picked up ball however after an attacking contact against Tchine the ball was shortly back in Rhinos hands 11-16. Walker applied tight defensive pressure and got rewarded with the turnover, Burger converted and the game was down to four 12-16. Rushton played herself into the circle and finished with goal 13-16. Tchine settled Pulse but Rhinos remained unfazed and continued to add goals to the tally to shorten the gap.

A sneaky bounce pass from Clarke into Burger as Keable was out on the hunt for the ball allowed Burger to take a free shot under the post 14-17. Pressure forced Pulse off the backline but after a missed shot Pulse soon regained possession. Grierson delivered a quick ball into Burger, passing off the ball before landing with it allowing Rhinos to keep reducing the deficit 16-18. Burger continued strong under the post and netted another to bring the game to just one goal 17-18. Pulse remained calm and controlled and after converting their own centre passes and some long balls into Tchine saw Pulse create another 5 goal lead 17-22. Grierson moved into the GA position and Amelia Hall entered the court at Wa. Rhinos turned over ball and after quick hands from Grierson and Hall, Grierson got her first goal of the game 12-23.

Clarke tipped the ball on the circle edge allowing Keenan to pick up the loose ball within the circle, Keable collided with Clarke but Clarke shortly got back up and found Burger under the post 19-23. Everit made a tip and soon after Fadoju came from nowhere to pick up another ball 19-25. Rhinos were called for an attacking contact within the circle but with 30 seconds remaining Walker turned over ball on Pulses circle edge, Rhinos transitioned quickly and Burger took the last shot of the half 20-26.

Rhinos started the second half just six goals behind, Tracey Robinson Rhinos head coach made just one change which was at the GS position which saw Rushton return to court. Rhinos missed a shot and Pulse took the rebound, Hall held off her player strong and picked up the second phase ball 22-26. Fadoju got a tip and Pulse continued to transition well 22-28. Rhinos transitioned quickly as Hall and Grierson connected well 23-28. Rushton did well to keep the ball on the court but missed the shot 23-30.

Clinton then moved into the GS bib. Grierson moved the ball around to get herself in shooting position despite having her new shooting partner she continued to move well and took a beautiful shot which was loved by the crowd 24-31. Rhinos took a quick centre pass, Clarke held her opponent well on the circle edge to receive the contact call, Clinton quickly netted her first goal 25-32. Rhinos were now 10 goals behind but were determined to continue in reducing the deficit, quick hands from Clarke and Grierson allowed Grierson to add to her personal shooting tally 27-36. Fadoju and Keable for Pulse continued picking up balls which saw Pulse extend their lead even further 27-42. Kindred entered the court in the WD position. London Pulse remained dominant in attack and took a quick ball on the baseline to add another. Clinton recomposed her Rhinos side by sinking a shot with less than a minute remaining after a long period of no goals 28-43. Tchine sank a shot for Pulse which the crowd thought would be the last of the quarter but Clinton showed skill in the circle to receive a penalty call against the Pulse defence allowing her the chance to add another Rhinos finished the third quarter 15 goals behind visitors London Pulse 29-44.

Pulse made further changes entering the final quarter but Rhinos were unchanged from the end of the third quarter, Pulses changes proved effective after they displayed a quick centre pass. Kindred took two tips to the ball to unsettle Pulse and on her second attempt earned possession of the ball, however the vision down into the attacking unit wasn’t quite right and the ball went off the backline allowing Pulse to add another 29-46. Magee took a turnover on the baseline but was called for being out of the court, continued tight defensive pressure did eventually force Pulse off the sideline giving Rhinos possession allowing Clinton to continue putting goals on the board 31-47.

Clinton went onto a run of three goals which was not only enjoyed by the crowd but was a confidence boost to the Rhinos team 33-48. Clarke was patient with the ball and herself and Hall reset to the line to be able to eventually find Clinton under the post 34-49. Rhinos unchanged defensive duo of Magee and Keenan remained their intensity and earned another turnover with minutes remaining left in the game, an in flight feed from Grierson saw Clinton add one more 36-50. Magee was later cautioned but remained strong and successful on her player.

Clarke took the centre pass quickly with a bullet ball into Hall who found Clinton under the post with ease 39-52. Pulse responded with a shooter to shooter passage of play to continue increasing their tally 39-53. Grierson continued to move well within the circle and took another shot, this time after stepping aside from Keables long lean she netted another 43-55. Fadoju continued to pick up ball but Kindred regained possession for Rhinos on Funmi’s pass out of the attacking third, Kindred quickly found Clinton home alone in the circle as Pulse were yet to reset back after loosing the ball. Neil took the last shot of the game for Pulse which meant Rhinos finished the game with a loss 44-58.

Rhinos Netball focus now switches to round 11 when they face reigning champions Loughborough Lightning away on Monday 4th April.


GS: Sigi Burger

GA: Sienna Rushton

WA: Brie Grierson

C: Jade Clarke

WD: Lydia Walker

GD: Michelle Magee

GK: Tuaine Keenan

Reserves: Amy Clinton, Paige Kindred, Annie James, Amelia Hall, Amelia Veevers

London Pulse

GS: Olivia Tchine

GA: Kira Rothwell

WA: Ash Dekker

C: Tayla Honey

WD: Zara Everitt

GD:  Funmi Fadoju

GK: Lindsay Keable

Reserves: Neil,  Rattu,  Scholes,  McDonald,  Odeogberin