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  • Leeds Rhinos Netball
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  • Manchester Thunder
8th May 2022 | KO 16:00 | first direct Arena | Vitality Netball Superleague

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Manchester Thunder Ticket Information

first direct Arena will host the northern derby clash between Leeds Rhinos Netball and Manchester Thunder on Sunday 8th May, centre pass 4pm.

Tickets are £15 for adults/senior citizens, students and juniors (16 and under) and £10.  Group bookings of 10 or more tickets will receive a 15% group discount on total amount purchased.

Seating is reserved for this event and customers will be able to choose their seat(s) when purchasing tickets.

Rhinos Netball 2022 Season Silver and Gold Members do not have to purchase an additional ticket for themselves for these games as it is included in their membership. They will receive their ticket(s) in the post no later than 2 weeks before the match.

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Leeds Rhinos Netball 49 Manchester Thunder 84

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Leeds Rhinos Netball 49 Manchester Thunder 84

Netball. Leeds Rhinos v Thunder. Sun8thMay2022. © MATTHEW MERRICK PHOTOGRAPHY

Rhinos netball payed another visit to the First Direct Arena in Leeds to take on unbeaten and current top of the league Manchester Thunder. A total of 4,102 fans filled out the arena to see the battle of the roses. Rhinos netball expected a difficult fixture after just taking on Surrey Storm in Hull on Friday 6th May.

Clarke took the first centre pass and the umpires quickly saw a relayed ball from Oyesola. Cardwell remained controlled and netted it 0-1. Thunder then convert their own centre pass and take the first two 0-2.  Rhinos remained patient and put their first on the board 1-2. Burger netted another, another for Rhinos 2-4. Thunder continued to apply defensive pressure which forced Rhinos off the side-line on their centre pass. Burger remained calm and kept the score board ticking 3-6. Grierson combined well with the mid-court which allowed Burger to add another 4-6.  Hall was patient and combined well with Burger under the post 5-6.

Grierson found Burger with a bullet pass in 6-7. Mvula and Cardwell remained strong and clinical for Thunder 6-8. Rhinos moved the ball around well but it was forced off the backline and into Almonds hands. Airey had a tip but it was a Thunder ball, Cardwell popped another in 6-9.  Pearsons for Thunder made an intercept on the line which saw Cardwell put it through the net. Cardwelll quickly netted another and their lead was out to six. Quick hands were on display from Grierson who played herself in. She missed the shot and despite pressure from Almond it was a Rhinos side-line, Burger added one more 7-12. Clarke was patient from the top and Burger put another through the net 9-14. Clarke earned herself an intercept, but an attacking contact was later called within the circle, Airey was unlucky and Mvula added one more for Thunder 9-15. Grierson did well to keep it on court but Thunder picked it up with Cardwell finishing it off 9-16.An attacking contact was called on Cardwell due to pressure that Oyesola had applied, Rhinos transitioned with help from crowd but it went off the backline. Clarke held on to the ball and Hall and Burger combined but footwork was made, Mvula added on 11-20. Mvula was clinical on the ball again, 11-21. Rhinos continued to put goals onto the board, 12-21. Pressure was applied from Airey but Mvula remained successful 12-22. There was 15 seconds remaining and Rhinos places a high ball into Burger 14-23.

Quarter two got underway and it was Thunder who took the first goal 14-24.Rhinos were patient on the build for Rhinos but a call was made within the circle which saw the ball quickly transition back into the hands of Mvula 14-25. Grierson moved the ball around and found Burger under the post 15-26. Grierson moved the ball round and found Burger under the post 15-26. Oyesola won the ball back for Rhinos and after a quick transition saw Clarke and Grierson combine well but a fumbled ball found its way back with Thunder. There’s a collision within the circle and time was paused. Keenan helped Aiey exit the court before taking to court herself in the GK position. Before the pause, Airey had earned another ball, which allowed her team to take it to goal when play was resumed. Hall went long into Burger 17-26. Rhinos touch the ball a couple of times but couldn’t regain possession from their lost centre pass. Thunder took that one to goal along with their own 17-29.

Keenan picked up a rebound from a missed shot from Cardwell but it was forced off the side-line within the attacking third 17-31. Quick hands from Rhinos saw Grierson pop a goal onto the board to the crowds delight 18-32. Burger was found under the post 19-32.‪ Boos echoed the arena as Thunder scored another, Van Der Merwe tuned over ball for Thunder and they continued to extend their lead 19-34. Grierson and Hall combined well and Grierson added another 20-35. Rhinos lost possession but today’s captain Clarke regained it for her side. Hall did well to keep hold of the ball, Burger 21-36. Thunder turned over another ball but it was Oyesola this time who picked it back up, Burger again 22-37. Thunder continued to disturb Rhinos transition, but a long ball found Burger under the post 23-38. Rhinos earned possession and quickly took it to goal, Grierson couldn’t quite reach Burger with the next and Thunder take it to goal 24-39. Rhinos were patient but miscommunication saw the ball fly off the side-line. Cardwell popped it through 24-41. A long ball went into Burger but Almond intercepted it. Thunder went long into Mvula who added a final goal of the half with a second remaining 24-43.

For the third quarter Rushton took to court in the GA position. Thunder got the second half underway, 24-44.Thunder took the first three, then Rushton got her first for Rhinos 25-46. Hall went long into Burger, 26-47. Burger put it through the net 27-48.

Hall is patient and found Rushton 28-49. Keenan earned the ball but was called for contact. Mvula added another 28-50. Rushton added another one onto Rhinos tally but their next centre pass went off the side-line. Keenan earned her side possession from a missed shot from Thunder, Rhinos added one more 30-54. Rushton went high into Burger but there was too much on it, Magee and Rushton combined well to apply pressure on Thunders transition to win the ball back but Thunder soon regained, Mvula finished it off 30-55. Boos once again echoed the arena again but Thunder continued, Rhinos took their next centre pass and Burger held off Almond, Sienna sank it 31-56. Footwork was called within the Thunder shooting circle but Rhinos just couldn’t successfully transition. Thunder continued to add goals onto the board. Rhinos were patient and built on their own centre pass. Rushton takes the backline and worked the ball round and found Burger 32-59.

Rushton netted a long shot and the crowd loved it 33-60. Rushton intercepts  the ball from a Thunder centre pass and Rhinos take it to goal. Clarke takes the next centre and Hall quickly found Burger who got another 35-62. A missed shot for Rhinos allowed Thunder to transition, Magee made a tip but was called for footwork. Oyesola earned the ball with five seconds remaining but time denied Rhinos of a goal 36-64.

Malcolm got the final quarter underway and Mvula scored another 36-65. Burger took the ball to goal 37-65 and quickly after Keenan earned possession of the ball but Cardwell picked it back up for Thunder 37-66. A call was made within Thunders circle and Burger pops it through 38-66. The ball found Burger again 39-67. Burger did well to keep a hold of the ball, 40-68. Rhinos added one more, 41-69. Rushton put another one through the net but Thunder continued to respond 42-71. Rushton combined well with both Clarke and Burger 43-71. Almond tipped the ball but Magee picked up the loose ball and found Rushton home alone 44-72.

Keenan picked up a rebound but an attacking contact call was made against Rhinos 44-73. Clinton entered the game at GS, Walker took to court at C, Kindred picked up the WD bib and Magee moved down the court into GD. Cardwell missed the shot and Rhinos transitioned. Rushton ended this passage of play with a goal 45-73. Clinton got her first of the game 46-74 before picking up a rebound to add another onto the board 47-77. Clinton took the penalty shot 48-78. Rhinos lost the ball off the backline but quickly regained possession to get the goal 49-79. Rhinos forced Thunder off the backline but couldn’t complete the transition, Mvula added the goal for thunder 49-81. There is too much on the ball for Rhinos and Mvula continued to add for Thunder. Cardwell went long into Mvula who got the final goal 49-84.

Rhinos Netball have another home game up next, this time in Sheffield at the EIS on Monday 16th May at 17:30 where they will take on Severn Stars.