DFP – Head Script

Leeds Rhinos

2017 Super League Champions



Place of birth Morley, Leeds
Years been dancing Started at the age of 4
School Attended: The Morley Academy
Dance school: Armley Dance Studios

Dream Day
Where would you spend your perfect date? On a romantic beach having a picnic
Who would you spend it with? Harry Styles
What would be the soundtrack to the day? ‘Love is in the air’
What food would you eat? Steak and chips
What would be your mode of transport? Private Jet

If you could have…
A super power.. To read people’s minds
One wish.. To have loads of food but not put on any weight
A luxury item.. Rolex watch
A role in a TV/Show.. Be a dancer on Dance Moms
A date with.. David Beckham

Song: ‘What makes you beautiful’ One Direction
Film: Hunger Games
Actor/Actress Actor: Zac Efron
TV programme: Broadchurch
Rhinos player: Jamie Peacock

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