DFP – Head Script

Leeds Rhinos

2017 Super League Champions


Place of birth: Leeds
Years been dancing: 17 years
School Attended: Benton Park High School
Occupation: Second Year PE Student at Leeds Beckett University
1. What age did you start dancing?
I started dancing as soon as I could, at age 3.
2. What inspired you to start dancing?
Watching my two older sisters at dancing I was keen to follow in their footsteps and I couldn’t wait to be just like them!
3. What’s your favourite dance style?
I love most Dance styles but I think my favourite has got to be Tap, love a good tap routine.
4. What dance school did you attend?
Peace Dance Academy.
5. How did you become a Rhinos Dancer?
My older sister was on the Dance team the season before I deciding to join and I loved watching her and all the other girls performing at the games and really wanted to be a part of it. I auditioned in 2013 and was lucky enough the get a place on the team and have loved it ever since.
6. What is the best thing about being a Rhinos dancer?
The best thing has to be performing in front of thousands of people and being able to dance alongside some amazing dancers, friends and my big sister of course!
7. What is your favourite song to dance to?
Anything really! Just love an upbeat, feel good song!
8. Where would be your dream place to dance?
My Dream Place to Dance would be somewhere on the West End, part of a huge show and a huge cast.
9. If you could recruit anyone famous to the dance team who would it be?
Beyoncé of course!
10. What advice would you give to young dancers?
I would advise young dancers to keep trying their best and be confident in their abilities and strive to achieve all goals and dreams they have.

Movie about your life
1. Who would star as you?
Jennifer Lawrance because she is very close to her family in some films, like I am with mine and plus she isn’t afraid of a challenge.
2. What genre would the film be?
Action, love a film to get you sat on the edge of your seat and get your heart rate going.
3. Who would play your leading man?
Channing Tatum, every time!
4. What would be the theme tune?
Eye of the tiger, it sounds dramatic.
5. Who would play your arch enemy?
Would have to be Angelina Jolie, she’s too flawless!

If you…
1. Won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?
I would buy my parents a huge house in the country and take them on a lovely holiday to treat them for all the things they have done for me over the years!
2. Could be anyone famous for the day who would it be and why?
The Queen, would be so fun to live a day as the queen and wandering around in my palace.
3. Could time travel to any time when would it be and why?
Back to a lovely family holiday in the south of France, the sun, the sea, maybe a cheeky cocktail and of course my family, perfect!
4. Could interview one famous person who would it be and what would you ask them
I would interview Channing Tatum, just to ask when we’re getting married!
5. Could be the lead singer of a band who would it be?
Back in the day with Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé, she is definitely my idol!

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