More £1000 winners thanks to Rhinos 4 Life

The Rhinos 4 Life team was on the road visiting recent winners as they looked to spread some cheer by saying a big thank you and congratulations in person.

The Rhinos 4 Life team have been busy behind the scenes raising awareness of the Weekly Draw in partnership with NYCDA to generate more funds for the club’s player development programme. The team were delighted to meet up with recent winner Peter Cooney to hear more about his experiences with the Rhinos.

As a Rhinos 4 Life supporter, Peter recently won £1000 on the NYCDA Weekly Draw and the lifelong supporter spoke of his delight at winning with the prize.

A retired teacher, Peter was initially a Leeds United fan and aspiring footballer and one of his first memories was a school trip, back in the late 1950s, to watch Leeds RLFC in a cup semi at Odsal. He has vivid memories of Jeff Stevenson and this event ignited his passion for Rugby League. Over the years he delighted in watching some fantastic players first hand, including the likes of Lewis Jones, John Holmes, Ellery Hanley, John Atkinson and of course the Super League dynasty side featuring Burrow, McGuire, Sinfield et al.

Peter’s best memories included a trip to all conquering Wigan side, of the 1980s/90s, with his young family and the 2003 Cardiff Cup Final. Both events stuck in his mind as fans freely mingled despite rivalries and he always felt safe. No more so highlighted than when ending up in the away end at Wigan, where he experienced home fans appreciation of him being there with his family, despite Leeds doing well that day.

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