Kevin Sinfield honoured with Loch Lomond Spirit of Super League award

Kevin Sinfield OBE has been announced as the recipient of the 2021 Loch Lomond Spirit of Super League award.

The award is bestowed upon someone who epitomises the values of the sport but goes above and beyond what is expected of them as a professional sportsman. Last year saw joint recipients of the award with Rob Burrow and Mose Masoe both being named.

Following the news that Sinfield’s friend and former teammate, Rob Burrow, had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, he set about supporting his friend and seeking to raise awareness of this cruel disease. Sinfield’s endeavours have seen close to £3m raised for MND charities and high-profile national coverage across the media in the past twelve months.

Sinfield’s 7-in-7 marathon challenge, which saw him run a marathon each day for a week, captured the attention of not only the rugby league family but also the general public and the UK media including extensive coverage on BBC Breakfast.

The monies raised by Sinfield will help to provide new frontline, research services as well as support services for families effected by MND.

Sinfield was presented his award, along with an 18-year-old bottle of Loch Lomond Whisky at Waterhead Rugby Club by former his teammate and fellow supporter of Rob Burrow, Barrie McDermott.

Rob Burrow said of Sinfield: “I’m used to being the underdog from my playing days, so this seems to be a continuation of that in my battle now. Kevin has been amazing with me since day one and has been by my side throughout.

“I was absolutely blown away by the public’s reaction to Kev’s 7-in-7 challenge.

“Kevin has always conducted himself in the public eye as professional, genuine and a beacon of hope for any aspiring athlete.

“I often tell him that he has never failed at anything in his life so I knew what he could achieve. He is meticulous in all his preparation for things, so I was not surprised he succeeded again.

“I just hope he realises just how much he has impacted the greatest sport in the world – Rugby League.

“You come across certain people in life who bring a bit of sunshine to people’s lives and I’m so grateful to call him my friend and everyone needs a friend like Kevin.”

Colin Matthews, Loch Lomond Group Chief Executive Officer, added: “We are honoured that Kevin Sinfield OBE has accepted 2021’s Loch Lomond Spirit of Super League award.

He is the most admirable gentleman who truly deserves this recognition and more for all his selfless efforts in raising a huge sum of money for MND on behalf of his former teammate and friend, Rob Burrow.

We encourage everyone to keep updated with both Kevin and Rob’s journeys to raise awareness and vital funds.”

The Betfred Super League Awards show, which includes the announcement of the Steve Prescott MBE Man of Steel winner is on Sky Sports Mix at 8:30pm, Monday 4 October.