Rhinos to wear limited edition shirt against Hull KR

At Friday night’s game against Hull KR the Rhinos will wear the limited edition shirt launched in 2020 in support of the Helping Rhinos charity. 

The replica shirt, which was designed by OXEN, was a limited edition top and £5 from every shirt sold was donated to the Helping Rhinos charity. 

Helping Rhinos are a UK-based charity whose aim is to help the species survive at sustainable levels in their natural habitat. Rhino have been on the planet for 50 million years and have evolved into their current form throughout that time as the environment and their habitat has changed.  They now face their biggest challenge as man restricts their natural habitat and kills them for their horn.

The donations from the shirt sales went towards the Helping Rhinos charity’s work with a small number of partners, predominantly in Africa, who meet some or all of the following criteria, they:

  • Preserve or develop new habitat for rhinos and other species
  • Protect rhinos from poaching
  • Provide information and education on the importance of the sustaining the rhino population to local communities and broader populations
  • Sustain the species via other sustainable and scalable projects