Burrow family love captures everyones hearts

Rob Burrow

One of the greatest cruelties of Motor Neurone Disease is how the degenerative condition can deny those battling it their voice which is why the beautifully written piece by award winning journalist Don McRae in Saturday’s Guardian is so glorious, as we get to hear from Rhinos and Rugby League legend Rob Burrow once again.

McRae, who is widely regarded as one of our country’s greatest feature writers, spent days with Rob and his wife Lindsey over the last few weeks to complete the article and the end result is as uplifting as it is heart breaking.

Burrow talks about how own reflections on his diagnosis and how the love of his wife and three young children has inspired him to fight every day. He commented, “I don’t think you ever know your inner strength until you get told you are dying. I would never have known I could be this positive when getting the news.”

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