Burrow encourages others to take up Covid vaccine opportunity

Rob Burrow

Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow has urged others who are invited to get the Covid 19 vaccine to take up the opportunity after he received his first jab on Saturday.

Burrow is living with his diagnosis of motor neurone disease which places him in the vulnerable group eligible in the first wave of vaccines.

He told BBC Breakfast, “I am so pleased to have had my Covine vaccine. I have motor neurone disease and there is no cure. I don’t want to be fighting Covid as well. The team were so lovely and they are doing their very best to protect us all.

“I would encourage everyone that when you get the call to go and get the vaccine, make sure you do as we need to protect the NHS and save as many lives as possible,” added Burrow.

Rob’s dad Geoff added his thanks, he said, “We are feeling really great and it is one less stress box to tick. It is good that vulnerable people are being given the vaccine and I just hope it is rolled out to everybody in a similar position.”