Rhinos 4 Life – Week 28 Results

Rhinos 4 Life is a weekly lottery which offers supporters the chance to win big cash prizes whilst supporting the future of the club.

In July 2020, Leeds Rhinos teamed up with new lottery partners, the National Youth & Community Development Association (NYCDA) and now Rhinos 4 Life members will be entered into the NYCDA Weekly Draw for a chance to win a cash prize every week.

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Week 28 Winners

£2000 RolloverHK3684No Winner
£1000HA0829M Weaver
£100LJ2902Nadine Burgess
£50RB2300Philip Perkin
£50RB5821G Ashton
£25BK6955Ray Sutcliffe
£25LP1884JP Cawood
£10HL5203D Schofield
£10PB3899Tom Jennings
£10BL0168B Bland
£10BK4343Coral Toon
£10LQ0085C Newman
£10Q3059Howard Smith
£10N6569F Scott
£10Q1897Karen Nolan
£10HB4257R Derbyshire

* Don’t forget if you win in the draw, don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything, as we will be in touch.


CLICK HERE to use our secure online sign up page which will provide all information about the scheme and offer a variety of payment options:


For more information contact [email protected] or call 0113 512 4159.

Rhinos 4 Life is part of the NYCDA family, with members participating in the NYCDA Weekly Draw, which is registered with the Gambling Commission under licence no 000-005166-006