Agar proud of players around lockdown approach

Leeds Rhinos Head Coach Richard Agar has expressed his admiration for the club’s players in Sky Sports latest Golden Point vodcast.

The Rhinos boss was speaking to Sky Sport’s Barrie McDermott and Bill Arthur along with Hull FC and England forward Scott Taylor.

Arthur asked both guests about the rumours surrounding the re-start and the issue of pay cuts. Agar was quick to highlight the attitude of his squad.

He commented, “I am really proud of how our senior players have dealt with the whole situation. We have had a couple of spokespeople for the rest of the group who have been very appreciative of what the club have had to go through. The damage that Covid has done to the whole business and the income streams is huge. They are also mindful about the wider world and what people are going through in the real world.

“They have had some productive and fruitful discussions with the hierarchy at our club, namely Gary and Kev, and very quickly came to an understanding and an agreement that they were cool with, which means it is business as usual for us. We did it in a fairly painless way and there was an understanding on both sides that we could agree on pretty quickly. The boys want to get back on the field and they understand the problems the lockdown has caused.”

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