Sutcliffe volunteers to lend a helping hand

Leeds Rhinos star Liam Sutcliffe is putting his time in lockdown to good use by volunteering to help work with the Leeds Rhinos Foundation to distribute food and essentials to some of the most vulnerable people in our society. 

Sutcliffe is seeing first hand the rugby league connection with its local communities that secured the sport a £16million lifeline.

The Foundation is working with a number of charities across the city including Community Integrated Care – who support thousands of people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health concerns and dementia – to provide PPE, equipment, food and other essential items.

Like the rest of his team mates, Sutcliffe has been furloughed and unable to train with the club over the last month. However, the 25-year-old decided he wanted to help if he could and contacted the Foundation to see if there was a way he could volunteer. For the last week, he has been part of the team delivering essential items in co-ordination with Community Integrated Care.

Sutcliffe told the Daily Mirror: “As players we go out and play on Friday night and everybody looks forward to that. But there’s a huge amount that goes on behind the scenes with the foundation and everybody working in the offices.

“I don’t like being stuck at home with little to do so when the foundation asked for people to give them a helping hand I was more than happy to do it.

“It’s something a bit different and hopefully it helps those that are working in difficult times. It’s tough for them at the moment with everything that’s going on.”