Supporter information for Castleford Tigers v Leeds Rhinos

If you are travelling to Castleford this Friday, check out our fans guide for the night provided by the Castleford Tigers to make the most of your experience.
What are the match day ticket prices
Ticket will increase by £2 on the day. The seating stand is sold out.
What time do the turnstiles open and which turnstiles would Leeds Rhinos fans be best to use?
Turnstiles will open at 6pm. Leeds fans can enter through and ticket /cash turnstile. I would suggest they enter the ground by the Princess street turnstile
Where do fans collect tickets that are pre ordered?
From the ticket office facing the training ground
How much are your match day programmes and where can these be purchased from?
Programs are £3 and be purchased from inside the ground
What parking (if any) is available for cars at the stadium and is there a cost
Stadium parking will be available on the day only it’s  on a first come basis priced at £5 per Car.
Where is the coach parking and is there a cost?
Coaches can park in the ground at a cost of £10. They don’t need to pre-book
What food is available to purchase at the stadium and where are the food concessions?
Fast food outlets available around the ground.
What bars are open for Leeds Rhinos fans to purchase drinks from?
Tiger bar is open to away supporter’s