Rhinos star Keinhorst helps remote village in the South Pacific

Leeds Rhinos star Jimmy Keinhorst has made an inspiring contribution to Nadromai Village, in the Fiji Islands, through the Think Pacific Foundation (www.thinkpacific.com). The centre or back rower has given away playing jerseys, shorts and plenty of other Rhinos team wear – even his Challenge Cup Final match day polo shirt to help the cause.
With Rugby being so much more than just a sport in Fiji, Jimmy shares why he has made his second donation to villagers in Fiji, “I remember an old friend from my university days, who is heavily involved with the charity, once mentioning how much the Fijians love Rugby and that any type of kit is treasured and is like gold dust for the kids especially – the people just love anything to do with the sport!”
Jimmy stated that he will continue to send more kit out to Fiji with his next batch heading over in January 2018. He added, “I love seeing the photos of how happy my kit makes people who have a harder life than we do, and I love hearing the stories from Think Pacific of how the whole community are kitted out in Rhinos stash – it means there is now such a great purpose for my team wear when the season is done.”
The biggest reason Jimmy wants to continue to donate though is very powerful, “I love to think that on some level it may serve as a little inspiration to some young Fijians interested in the sport, as I’ve heard there’s so much talent and that Rugby is a very real avenue out of poverty for a whole family – who knows, maybe one of them will play for the Rhinos some day!”
Think Pacific Foundation trustee, Nigel Scott, explained how Jimmy’s contribution is handed out. He commented, “The shirts are distributed as prizes at the sports days and a community fun day during one of our summer volunteer projects in Fiji. And just like last time, the community of Nadromai Village loved the Rhinos apparel and are now the newest and perhaps the most remote Leeds Rhinos fans.”