Fewer than 100 memberships left for South Stand in 2018

There are now fewer than 100 memberships left available for the South Stand for the 2018 season and fans are urged to book soon to avoid disappointment.
Likewise, North Stand seat members are reminded that seats in the temporary North Stand for 2018 are limited and available on a first come, first served basis for renewals.  For the start of the 2018 season, there are limited number of 2000 memberships available in the new South Stand exclusively to existing South Stand members.  Fans have been quick to snap these up and ensure their spot for next season.
Remember if you sign up for a 2018 Leeds Rhinos Season Membership before midnight on Wednesday 20th September 2017, you can spread your payments over 10 months at 0% interest, making your South Stand membership less than £22 per month!
Your final payment would come out on 1st July 2018. Applications received after 5pm on Sunday 20th August 2017 will be allocated to the next payment option – still at 0% interest. Please note that when you apply for your 2018 Season Membership via Direct Debit you are adhering to the terms and conditions of the scheme.
Upon providing your details for us to set up your Direct Debit, you will receive an email (or written confirmation if you do not have access to email) with your payment schedule, you must read this carefully and confirm it is correct. If there any issues you must notify Leeds Rhinos.
Payment periods available with Direct Debit:
10 Month agreement (1st October 2017 – 1st July 2018)
9 Month agreement (1st November 2017 – 1st July 2018)
8 Month agreement (1st December 2017 – 1st July 2018)
7 Month agreement (1st January 2018– 1st July 2018)
6 Month agreement (1st February 2018 – 1st July 2018)
What you need to know:

  • Payments are taken on the 1st day of every month, apart from the first time you set up your direct debit, where the payment may come out a few days after the 1st of the month
  • Your final payment would come out in July 2018
  • The person setting up the Direct Debit does not need to be the person who holds the membership, however, they must provide all their contact details and be over 18 years of age
  • The Direct Debit service is operated by Leeds Rhinos
  • Your Direct Debits are being collected by Leeds Rhinos, therefore all enquiries with regards to your Direct Debit must be directed to Leeds Rhinos
  • Should you default on your payments, Leeds Rhinos reserve the right to deactivate your membership. You will be required to return your membership cards and packs in full should you fail to make your payments

To renew your 2018 Leeds Rhinos membership you can either call in at the club shop at Headingley Carnegie, call 03714231315 or go online to tickets.therhinos.co.uk for South Stand, Western Terrace and Carnegie Stand renewals.