Send in your feedback for the next Fans Forum Meeting

The Leeds Rhinos Fans Forum meet up regularly throughout the year

The next Leeds Rhinos Fans Forum of 2017 will take place on Wednesday 26th July.
As per all meetings we will discuss feedback which has come in from either Forum members directly or via [email protected].
If you have any feedback that you would like to be discussed at one of the Fans Forum meetings then please email [email protected] and this will be discussed at the meetings and published in the minutes along with the responses shortly after the meeting has taken place.
We have a team of volunteers who are part of our panel and are there to represent you, so if you have anything that you would like to be raised in the meeting or if you would like to know what has gone on in a meeting then make sure you speak to one of your representatives or email the fans forum.
If you would like to know who the representatives are on the forum please check out the fans forum page by clicking here which also has a link to the minutes from all previous meetings. Any feedback you have please do not hesitate to let us know.