#QUEST14 is coming…

Building on the success of last year’s Quest13 challenge, Quest14 is on the horizon and the Leeds Rugby Foundation is encouraging followers of their official twitter page, @RugbyLeeds to use the hashtag #QUEST14 to tweet in their guesses for what this year’s challenge could entail.

Last year saw a team, led by Rhinos legend Keith Senior, tackle a set of challenges focused around the number 13. Quest 13 was the name and in the year 2013, the team ran 13 miles, cycled 113km before finishing with a 13 mile row and this all had to be completed in 13 hours.

This year however, sees a brand new challenge which is set to be bigger and better than ever. All will be revealed via the Leeds Rugby Foundation's Official Twitter page, @RugbyLeeds on Friday 21st March at 9am.

Keith Senior will be back to push himself to the limits and cannot wait for the event, he said: “Quest13 was tough and this year's event promises to be even tougher. The big reveal will be at 9am via twitter and if you want to be the first in the know then get following @rugbyleeds and send in your guesses as to what you think I will be up to this time.”

So tune in to @rugbyleeds Twitter account on Friday at 9am for all the details! You don’t want to miss this!