Classic Grand Final action on Sky Sports this weekend

This weekend there is a treat for Rugby League fans on Sky Sports with highlights of all 15 Super League Grand Finals so far with over half featuring the Rhinos.

From Sunday morning, Sky Sports will be showing 15 minute highlights of each Final to get everyone in the mood for next week's season finale at Old Trafford. 

This starts at 9am on Sunday with the inaugural Grand Final when Wigan and Jason Robinson dashed the Rhinos hopes of lifting the title. Later in the day you can see the famous day when a 32 year wait came to an end with the 2004 win over Bradford on Sky Sports 3 at 1.30pm. 

The highlights are being repeated throughout the week but below is the time when each Grand Final is first being shown in case you want to set your Sky plus. 

1998 Sky Sports 2 9am
2004 Sky Sports 3 1.30pm
2005 Sky Sports 3 1.45pm
2007 Sky Sports 3 4.15pm
2011 Sky Sports 4 7.15pm
2012 Sky Sports 4 7.30pm

2008 Sky Sports 3 7.15pm
2009 Sky Sports 3 8.30pm