Help us catch a thief and return important data

Supporters are being urged to keep an eye out for a white VW Golf with the name of Leeds Rhinos conditioning staff member Richard Hunwicks on the side which was stolen overnight from his home in Halifax.

The thieves broke into Hunwicks home during the night, stole the keys to his car and a Leeds Rhinos rucksack containing a laptop and GPS equipment used to monitor the players fitness. 

In the car was also a number of Richard's training items which are very destinctive as they have a yellow triangle on the front with RH on them. If you are offered any of these items or see someone wearing them call the non-emergency police number 101 immediately to help catch them. 

Commenting on the theft Hunwicks said, "The laptop is useless to anyone apart from us as it just has data and spreadsheets on it, it is no good for going on the internet or anything like that and we just need to get it back to retrieve the data. There were a number of things in the boot of the car that I was getting signed by the players to raise money for charity that I hope if anyone is offered them they will do the decent thing and contact the police. One of them was a shirt from the Challenge Cup Final last season which was destinctively embroidered with the details of the game, only a handful of these were produced for the backroom staff so if you are offered one please call the police and hopefully we can get it back and still raise much needed money for charity."

Richard's bank cards were also stolen and there was an attempt to use them later on in Bradford so if you have seen the car in the Halifax or Bradford area this morning, please call 101 immediately and report the sighting to the Police.