McGuire becomes fifth member of the 200 club

On Sunday Danny McGuire joined an elite club at Leeds as only the fifth player in the club’s history to have scored 200 tires for the team.

McGuire’s try in the Play Off game against Hull saw him reach the landmark and his 200 tries have been amassed over just over just 269 games for the Rhinos. 

McGuire made his debut in 2001, but didn’t score his first try until the following campaign against Widnes and he went on to register a further four tries that season.  His biggest tally to date was in 2004 when he scored an incredible 39 tries to help the Rhinos on their way to their first ever Super League title, scoring a try in the Grand Final victory over Bradford Bulls.

Only four players in the history of Leeds RL have ever scored 200 tries during their time at Headingley Carnegie here is a look at the men who have achieved this.

Eric Harris 391 (383 appearances) 1930-39

Australian winger Eric Harris was the first Leeds player to reach the 200 mark for Leeds.  Over an incredible career at the club Harris averaged over a try a game that started with a brace on his debut against Featherstone.  The try scoring legend earned the nickname the Toowoomba Ghost

His most successful season was during the 1930-39 campaign when he registered 63 tries.  He was a try scorer at Wembley in 1936 and became the hero of his generation, with electric but imperceptible acceleration and an ability to glide around players.  He is the joint club record holder with eight tries in a match against Bradford and his sequence of 36 touchdowns in 17 consecutive matches remains a rugby league record.

Drew Turnbull 228 (230 appearances) 1948-56

Scottish born winger, Drew Turnbull, joined Leeds in 1948 and he started as he was to go on with a try on his debut against Bramley.  Although he missed part of his first two seasons through National Service there was no stopping him when he returned to Headingley.  He was the top Leeds try scorer for five consecutive seasons.  His best season was the 1954-55 campaign when he crossed for 42 tries, remarkably in just 26 games.

John Atkinson 340 (518 appearances) 1966-82

Over a sixteen year career at Leeds John Atkinson scored 340 tries. A majestic and flamboyant finisher, he thrilled and entertained crowds in both hemispheres and became the darling of Headingley during a period when Leeds played some of the most attractive and entertaining rugby in their history.  In a side full of gifted players, the man who invariably claimed the vital tries took most of the plaudits – he was the icing on their carefully crafted gourmet cake. For such a powerful man he had grace, balance and a lightness of step that terrified opponents and enthralled his legion of fans and admirers. 

He specialised in the spectacular, often long distance, tries – the kind that had Loiners and Great Britain fans off their seats or on tiptoes. Many of his three pointers came in major finals and were classic game-breakers that heralded victory – at Wembley in 1968, 77 and 78, unforgettably in the Championship Finals of 1969 and 72, Premiership 1975, John Player 1973 and numerous Yorkshire Cups.

Alan Smith 283 (479 appearances) 1962-83

Alan Smith in 479 games over a span of twenty years was one of the most consistent players ever to don the blue and amber. Not only loyal but patient when after a sensational debut as a teenager in 1962, which saw him set a record by scoring four tries against Dewsbury. He was as outstanding a finisher and he collected thirteen winners medals for his only club, including at least one in every major competition. His dedication saw him maintain his heights of total professionalism despite severe and at one stage career threatening knee injuries that would have caused lesser men to quit. His performance in the 1979 Premiership Final when he again came to the aid of a Leeds side hampered by injuries to score the gamebreaking try epitomised his total contribution to the cause.