Attention all Southstanders

Following feedback from supporters from our recent game against St Helens the club will be putting in place some new procedures for fans wishing to enter the terrace 15 minutes before kick off.

We have received a number of comments from supporters following the recent game against St Helens regarding supporters who arrive in the final fifteen minutes before kick off in the centre sections and who cause an obstruction to the viewing area as they enter the stand.

Therefore, in order to try and help alleviate this problem and so that all fans can enjoy the game as much as possible, we will be closing the stairways into the terrace in the centre sections, 15 minutes before kick off. If you arrive after this point you will be directed to the other stairways either side of the central section. You will then be able to move along the terrace if you wish to stand in the centre.

We will be monitoring the situation at Friday's game and hopefully this will help to alleviate some of the issues we have been experiencing recently. If you are in the centre sections prior to 15 minutes before the game and wish to leave the terrace, you can still use these exits and you will be issued with a pass out ticket which you can return to regain entry through the centre stairways.

As always we are pleased to hear your comments regarding suggestions of how we can improve your matchday experience. Please email with any comments that you have. If possible give us as much detail as possible about where you stand usually and any issues that are effecting you.