McClennan proud of his team

Brian McClennan spoke with pride and love for his team after they clinch their third engage Super League title in a row.

Rhinos coach Brian McClennan said: "What a fantastic match. Both sets of players are to be congratulated for playing such a tough encounter.

"We have got a really good spirit at the Rhinos."

McClennan claimed he was confident of victory throughout, even after Saints had gone in front early on.

He added: "I actually thought from about the first five minutes, and we felt as a team if we could get into some rhythm and control we would be all right – it didn’t matter what was on the scoreboard.

"If you have control, which we had, eight points was nothing. I thought we could get that back and we did.

"Then we went out after half-time and got the drop goal and I thought the pressure went back on to Saints."