More great Grand Final stories

Following our appeal for stories from Leeds Rhinos fans, we have been contacted by even more loyal supporters who are planning a big day on Saturday.

Whilst most fans will be making their way to Old Trafford come Saturday evening some will be watching further a field.

We received a great email from Mrs Marvin Triggs who will be watching the action unfold in Cyprus. “As a long time supporter now living in Cyprus, my husband and I will be cheering you on at our local sports bar YIAMMAS here in Paphos. Our son and grandson will be at Old Trafford along with an army of friends. I so miss the trips to Headingley and all our friends there, so I have to settle with Sky, but there is nothing like the buzz in the South Stand – the real thing!!!
Once more good luck, you can do it. Why? Because we are the Rhinos, the best team and supporters any club could possibly have.”

Martin Eggett is in for a long day on Saturday as he travels from the North East. He revealed, “Grand Final day will start when my brother in law, (a Rhinos fan) will arrive in Bishop Auckland, County Durham from Dumfries. We will travel down along with my wife to Dewsbury where we will collect my brother, a Rhinos season ticket holder, up and move on to Manchester from there, to hopefully see the Rhinos win the title for the third year running.
“It may not be an exciting story to look at, as a lot of people from all over the country will be travelling to the final, but this is a similar trip carried out throughout the season, racking up many miles to follow the Leeds Rhinos home and away. Although we do it for the love of the sport and the club, arranging holidays from work, and putting these miles in all seems worth it when you are able to support the club at the big events.”

Gavin Kilshaw will be toast a double celebration on Saturday night as he will celebrate his birthday at Old Trafford. He commented, “I will also be doing a fair bit of travelling to support the Rhinos, although admittedly not as far as some of the overseas fans, but we will be doing a 350 mile round trip in a day from South Wales, which will amount to some 10 hours on the road. I will be accompanied by my wife Pauline and father Bruce (a Leeds boy), during the season we have made the trip to Headingley on a regular basis, and as far as we are concerned the travelling is a small price to pay to allow us to give our support to the Rhinos!”

82 years young Arnold Goodfield, a familiar face at Headingley Carnegie for over 70 years will be going to the Grand Final to follow the team he has supported since boyhood when he used to walk to Headingley from Meanwood with his father. He will be accompanied by his three sons Philip, David and Trevor – all life long Leeds fans, grandchildren Rory, Amy, Tom and Harkan and friends. Arnold is one of the older members of the Rhinos veterans club and celebrated his 80th birthday with a party at Headingley Carnegie a couple of years ago. This will be his second big final of the year as he made a first visit to the new Wembley stadium a couple of months ago to see Warrington lift the Carnegie Challenge Cup. “Next season hopefully I’ll be at Wembley again but this time watching Leeds – and then on to Old Trafford again to see the Rhinos 4th Grand Final victory on the trot!”

Finally, the Panton family will be making probably the longest combined journey of any family. Whilst daughter Ally is heading down from Aberdeen to Old Trafford, her dad is traveling across from Alabama in America for the big day.