Hall quick to praise teammates

Ryan Hall became only the 13th player in the 114 year history of the Leeds club to score five tries in a game however he was quick to praise his team mates.

Hall scored a first half hat trick and added another two after the break. He now has 25 for the season in Super League plus another try for England and one in the Carnegie World Club Challenge but he admits he has not reached his own personal goal yet for the season.

Hall was asked about his goal for the season after the game and he told the press, "I set a number in my head at the start of the season and I will keep that to myself until the end of the year. I haven’t reached it yet but it was just great to score my first hat trick today.

"I have had a couple of braces but I have never scored a hat trick for the first time but it is unbelievable to score five. I owe a lot to Keith Senior, I always thank him for the things he creates for me out there. I think we won the game in the opening twenty minutes and it was the forwards who set the platform for us, I have to take my hat off to them.

"Everything seemed to go our way at the end of the match. Everyone felt fresh this week in training and we really took that attitude into the game and blew them away at the start of the game," added Hall.

Hall was only the third player in Super League to score five tries in a game for the Leeds. The last one was Ali Lauitiiti against Wakefield in 2005 whilst Danny McGuire also scored five against Widnes at Headingley Carnegie in 2004.

The full list of players to make the achievement are:

1902-03 W. Evans … 5 v Stockport 
1912-13 F. Webster … 8 v Coventry 
1918-19 S. Stockwell … 5 v Halifax 
1918-19 J. Brittain … 5 v Hunslet 
1925-26 M. Rosser … 5 v Bradford N. 
1929-30 A. F. O’Rourke … 5 v Bradford N. 
1930-31 E. Harris … 5 v Keighley 
1931-32 E. Harris … 8 v Bradford N. 
1932-33 E. Harris … 5 v Bradford N. 
1934-35 E. Harris … 5 v Featherstone R 
1935-36 E. Harris … 7 v A/Willesden
1936-37 E. Harris … 6 v Featherstone R
1951-52 A. Turnbull … 5 v Bramley
1951-52 B. Ryan … 5 v Widnes
1952-53 A. Turnbull … 5 v Hull K. R.
1953-54 A. Turnbull … 6 v Batley
1954-55 A. Turnbull … 5 v Doncaster
1954-55 A. Turnbull … 5 v Wakefield T.
1955-56 A. Turnbull … 5 v Batley
1959-59 D. Hodgkinson … 6 v Huddersfield 
2004 D. McGuire … 5 v Widnes
2005 A. Lauitiiti … 5 v Wakefield T.
2009 R. Hall … 5 v Castleford