Burrow feeling refreshed

Rob Burrow says that the Rhinos squad are refreshed after a weekend off last week following their exit from the Carngei Challenge Cup.

He headed off with wife Lindsay for a few days in the sun last week and says the rest has had a great effect. 

He commented, “It is always disappointing not being involved in the Carnegie Challenge Cup but you have to look at the benefits when you are out of the competition and that meant that the guys got the chance for a few days off last week and everyone has come back into training bouncing this week. 

“I went to Rome with my wife. It is a lovely city. I had never been there before and it was very hot but most importantly it was somewhere to relax and get totally away from rugby for a few days. That freshens things up and will hopefully help us come back together now and finish the season off on a high,” added the 26-year-old.