Our very own Jamie Jones-Buchanan gives his weekly insight into the Rhinos camp and says he and his team mates are in determined mood after the defeat in France.

Lost – Series 3 LOST – A word used the majority of the time to describe the whereabouts of Danny McGuire’s passport, Lee Smiths clothing or a hit channel 4 adventure series about 48 survivors of a plane crash, stranded and desperately trying to get off a supernatural dessert island. "Lost" is also the latest TV box set currently been past around the lads at the Headingley Carnegie Stadium. After the defeat at Catalan last Saturday night the scene was almost reminiscent of the TV show with another group of personalities (the lads) temporarily stuck on foreign soil, desperate to get off and get their lives back in motion. The flight home was as eagerly anticipated as the release of the 3rd series. However, thankfully for me and Thackray, whose attitudes towards flying are like that of Mr-T’s in another 1980’s TV show, the flight home was one of the highlights of the trip. The other highlight being Thackers’ 28th minute wonder try, which would have looked more at home in the weekends’ Carling Cup Final. Despite there being a few egos left feeling like John Terry’s chin, the lads are looking forward to working hard in the long week ahead to produce a much better performance this Sunday against Huddersfield. Are these just positive words? Not at all, rather a positive understanding of sporting economics, affirmed by a book titled "Freakonomics" (D. Levitt) owned by Jamie Peackock and loaned to me over the weekend. "Like the proverbial butterfly that flaps its wings on one continent and eventually causes a hurricane on another, dramatic affects often have distant, even subtle causes". In this case, the cause: a not so subtle defeat in France – the effect: a harder working Rhinos team (and then some!!!).