In his second weekly column Jamie Jones-Buchanan gives his view from inside the Rhinos camp exclusively here at

Big pat on the back for everyone in a Leeds shirt Friday night, including the infamous south stand whose audio performance created a top atmosphere for the lads in miserable playing conditions. "You only sing when you’re fishing" being the games most memorable track, having said that, a shoal of cod and a fishing trawler wouldn’t have looked too far out of place on the night. Well done to the lads too for producing a more complete performance this week and it had to be given the quality of opposition. Special mention goes out to Matt Diskin, who suffered a groin injury early on but stuck at it with an outstanding performance. Godspeed also to other, current casualties: Scruton (fractured foot) and Gibbo (knee) While the injured lads will probably stay behind running co-op missions on Xbox Live (Gears of War), this week the rest of us will be jetting off on a double mission that will see us take on the much-improved Catalan Dragons. As the game promises to be an extremely physical battle on the ground, the lads are pleased to be taking part in a battle with CO2 in the air. In his quest for $25million offered by Richard Branson for the best CO2 removing idea, Jamie Peacock has thrown up a great initiative for offsetting our carbon emissions on the team trip over. Each player is going to make a donation towards reforestation projects to help to fight global warming and combat the effect of the CO2 emissions on our flight to Barcelona. I hope the mass of travelling fans will join us in our fight against global warming. Look forward to seeing you in France. JJB