Friday night’s edition of Blue & Amber including the first In the Spotlight article featuring Rob Burrow answering your questions, now we reveal the second candidate.

New for the 2007 season we are giving you the chance to feature in Blue & Amber, the award winning matchday programme, when you can pose your favourite player a question. Each issue we will feature a different player, all you need to do is email in your question along with your name, age and where you come from and the best ones will be picked out and asked to the specific player. It could be something relating to the game, their career or something silly, get your thinking caps on and the best ones will appear. For the Hull game Great Britain star Rob Burrow answered a host of questions from fans with some interesting answers. For our next home game against Huddersfield on Sunday 4th March we are looking for your questions for the 2006 Rhinos Player of the Year Gareth Ellis, click here to send in your question now and make sure you get the Huddersfield programme to see if your question got in.