Youngsters at North Leeds Leopards Junior Rugby League club received a lesson in history alongside their skills drills at training tonight (Wednesday) when they were introduced to legendary Leeds winger Wilf Rosenberg.

A special guest at their Moortown Social Club base, the 77 year old South African, currently residing in Israel, is in the city for the 50th Anniversary celebrations feting the Leeds side that was the first to win the rugby league championship in 1961.

Wilf broke the post-war tries in a season mark with the Loiners and became known as the ‘Flying Dentist’ by virtue of his studies at the city’s university combined with his flamboyant try finishes that became his trademark.

He presented the ‘Player of the Week’ awards to the three age group winners and there was an additional poignant moment when he was introduced to Francis Cummins, whose son is a Leopard.

Both Wilf and Francis graced the blue and amber number five shirt just over forty years apart.

North Leeds Leopards chairman Phil Caplan commented, “It was an honour and a pleasure to have Wilf join us. He had the youngsters spellbound, they could tell they were in the presence of someone really special who had helped write history.”

Wilf was astonished by the amount of youngsters running around in the orange and blue. “It was a fantastic sight,” he commented. “The young guys were so attentive and keen to learn. It would be fantastic to think that we were watching a future star for Headingley. I met some old fans who said some very nice things about my time here and it was incredible that so many of the young guys wanted my autograph.”